John Oram 1824-1907

The life of John Oram 1824-1907 and his descendants was the subject of the “Oram Family Saga” written by my parents in the 1960s and early 70s and based on oral tradition.

Eventually, on this page I will write up a fuller version of John’s life until 1852 based on  research carried out with a great deal of help from the internet.

The family have kept John’s diaries that he kept from 1853 until his death.  One early page is of particular interest in relationship to this site.  There is a map of the places mentioned at the bottom of this page, with reasons he might visit some locations.

Page of John’s Diary (for larger image and transcription go here)

In 1852 John had moved from Somerset to County Mayo to help run Captain Wyndham’s estate at Burrishoole. [More about this and the diaries being available on-line when two other websites are ready.] In 1857 John made his first visit back home to Somerset and Dorset.  It is interesting to see where he visited but we do not always know why.


Map: With icons numbered in order they appear in diary

View John Oram 1857 visit to England in a larger map

Weston Bampfylde
John’s father had run a dairy farm in the village in the 1830s.  Weston Bampfylde could also refer to Little Weston, a hamlet within the parish where John’s sister Mary Hockey may have been living.
Little Weston
By the 1861 census John’s sister Mary Hockey was living in the hamlet, in the parish of Weston Bampfylde.  If she had moved there from Sparkford by 1857 John may have stayed at her house.
Home village of John’s wife Jane nee Talbott. John would have visited Jane’s father Samuel Talbott whose wife Charity had died in the previous summer. John’s sister Mary may have been living in the village prior to moving to Little Weston.
West Camel
Charlton Horethorne
John probably visited some of the relations of his wife Jane Talbott. Census returns show Talbotts living in the village but we have not established their relationship to Jane.
Okeford Fitzpaine
John’s sister Elizabeth Guppy was living in the village and John probably stayed a night at her home.
West Lodge
Home of Captain Wyndham, John’s employer and owner of the Burrishoole Estate in County Mayo, Ireland.
John had lived in Manston around 1850. The family had moved east to Iwerne Minster before moving to Ireland. Some local men went to Ireland with John so he probably visited their families.
John’s brother William was the dairyman on Lord Portman’s estate at Bryanston.
Queen Camel
South Barrow
John’s cousin James Bartlett lived at Parsonage Farm
John’s cousin Samuel Bartlett lived at Standerwick Farm, Foddington, Babcary

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