John Oram 1772-1802

Born: 1772 at Ditcheat, Somerset baptized 25 Dec 1772

Parents: Isaac Oram 1745-1802 and Elizabeth Clare 1747-1795

Married: Mary c1771 – after 1851

Siblings: James Oram 1774 -1839; William 1780- baptised Oarm; Frances Oram 1782- baptised Oarm; Sarah Oram 1785-1860 baptised Oarm; Melior Oram 1788- baptised Oarm

Offspring: Mary Oram 1790-after 1861, Ann(e) Oram 1792-after 1871, and John Oram 1800-1891 see ‘further offspring?’ below

Died: Buried 17 Aug 1802  at Ditcheat, Somerset

See entry for John Oram 1800-1891  for research behind names of above spouse and offspring.

Research 1939 – 2000

In the 1960’s we knew little about John’s life. Our uncle Arthur’s notes on his visit to
Ditcheat in 1939 established that our great-great grandfather James born 1774 had a
brother John born 1772. We also knew that a descendant of this John, also called John
was an old man living in Alhampton, Ditcheat at the end of the nineteenth century.

Around about 2000 Carolyn tried to tie up this information with the census returns
starting in 1841 and came up with a tentative family tree. In the light of parish records
recently available this tree has proved to be remarkably accurate and there have only been a few birth and death dates to tweak to get to the information given in this site.

But there are two entries in the parish records that are making us question the date of
death of John born 1772:

Research 2013 – further offspring?

In early 2013 transcripts of the Ditcheat birth, marriage and death records were available
on line via the opc (online parish clerk) database and the findmypast website (excluding
births). Both transcripts give a John Oram being born in 1772 and apparently the same
John Oram dying 30 years later in 1802.

But the opc database shows that John and Mary Oram had five offspring. The first three,
Mary, Ann and John are included in this website and their parentage backed up by census
returns. Now we have to consider:

Frances born 16 January 1803 and baptised 23 January 1803 who could have been a
posthumously born daughter of John.

Sarah, their final child does cause us problems as she was born 31 March 1808 and
baptised 24 April 1808, almost six years after John’s supposed death.

At the moment we must wait until images of the parish records are available to decide if
John died later, Sarah was born earlier, there were two John and Mary Orams in Ditcheat
or in 1808 Mary was actually described as the widow of John Oram.  These are just a few of the possibilities, there could have been two John Orams born in 1772.

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