Isaac 1745-1802: offspring

In the 1960s we were told that Isaac and Elizabeth had two sons John and James. In 2019 DNA test results led to a careful check the Ditcheat baptism registers when the family tree of DNA match Debbie Keys included a Sarah Oram born in Ditcheat in 1785. Sarah had been baptised Oarm as had three more of Isaac and Elizabeth’s offspring.

  • John Oram 1772-1802 branch
    • John’s family remained in Ditcheat area until the early 20th century. We have not had contact with any of John’s living descendants and research suggests that the line had died out.
  • James Oram 1774-1839 branch
    • Our line of descendants well documented. In the early 20th century James and Susannah’s descendants lived in England, Ireland, Australia and USA.
  • William Oram 1780- baptised Oarm baptised 22 March 1780
    • No further information in 2019
  • Frances Oram 1782- baptised Oarm daughter baptised 29 December 1782 at Ditcheat.
    • No further information in 2019
  • Sarah Oram 1785-1860 branch baptised Oarm
    • Sarah’s line is well documented in a number of ancestry family trees. Many of her descendants moved between the Ditcheat area of Somerset and the coalfields of Lancashire, South Wales and Somerset.
  • Melior or Mellior? Oram 1788- baptised Oarm daughter born 19 March 1788, baptised 26 May 1788 at Ditcheat.
    • No further information in 2019