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Relationship to the Oram family

Jane Talbott 1829-1906, daughter of Samuel Talbott 1797-1870 and Charity Way 1792-1866 married John Oram 1824-1907, son of James Oram 1774-1839  and Susannah Bartlett 1782-1838

Samuel Talbott’s parents were Philip Talbott 1774-1851 and Elizabeth Humpries   who were married in Sparkford, Somerset.

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Samuel Talbott 1797- 1870 and Charity Way 1792-1866 and their family history 

Family Bible Page 1 of List

The Talbott family history research starts with the the bible of Samuel Talbott and his wife Charity Way in which they kept a list of their offspring.  Samuel and Charity were both living in Sparkford when their marriage there on 19 June 1820 was witnessed by R Way and A Talbott.  Samuel was a wheelwright, family tradition linking him to the London-Exeter wagons and all that is known about Charity Way is that she was born in Wincanton.

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In January 2013 we know that Samuel’s father was Philip Talbott 1774-1851 born in Stawell, near Bridgewater, Somerset who married Eliz Humpharis on 3 July 1796 in Sparkford, Somerset.   Philip 1774-1851 was a carpenter and his 1803 bill for work he carried out in an unspecified church was found in the back of an old Oram family atlas.

Bill for work carried out in an unspecified church by Philip Talbott 1774-1851

Jeff Clew in his book “Sparkford Memories of the Past” related a few stories about the Talbott family, including some about James 1821-1907 that are included in James’ entry. The first story is about the church’s barrel organ “its handle turned by Samuel Talbott. On one memorable occasion it refused to stop playing and was carried into the churchyard where it continued to play the ‘Old Hundredth’ amongst the gravestones.”

Jeff Clew recounted how the Talbotts lived close to Sparkford Church. ” Although the building is now demolished, Philip Talbott, the village carpenter, had lived there at the turn of the 19th century. His son Samuel, a wheelwright, was accustomed to rising early once a quarter,when he would eat his breakfast, drink a glass of cider, then walk the 25 miles to Bridgwater to purchase what he needed before he walked back home. The goods would be sent by boat to Langport and a day or two later Samuel would send a horse and wagon to pick them up from the wharf. When the goods arrived in Sparkford he thought nothing of asking his son James to pick up a plough share and carry it to Bruton where there was an iron foundry. To a young lad carrying a heavy plough share ten miles, it must have seemed at least five times the distance.”

Family tree of the descendants of Samuel and Charity.

Entries for their son James Talbott 1821-1907  and daughter Jane  Talbott 1829-1906.


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