+ William Acourt or A’Court or Court

Born: 1825  North Cadbury, Somerset

Parents: James c1881-? and unknown.  Aunt Frances Coleman (1789-between 1881 and 1891 censuses) born North Cadbury

Siblings: Samuel 1827-?

Married: Sarah Oram c1833-after 1891 in early 1878, in the Wincanton Registration District of Somerest

Offspring: None known

Died: After the 1891 census

In the 1841 census William was living with his father and brother in North Cadbury. He then appears to vanish until he returns to North Cadbury by the 1871 census as an agricultural labourer living with his 82 year old aunt Frances Coleman. Sarah Oram is a ‘companion’ to Frances.

In 1878 Sarah and William were married.  By the 1881 census they had no children and William’s aunt was still alive.  William and Sarah may be the couple in the 1891 census who were living in Castle Cary.  Both were still working in their 60s, William as a general labourer and Sarah was a working in a texile mill as a  chain warper.


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