Craig Oram Diss 1935 – 1996

Born:  15 April 1935, Cleveland, OH

Parents: Albert Bryce Diss Jrn 1903-1980 and Kathyrne Belle Oram 1905 – 1988

Siblings: Maude Ellen Diss 1940-

Married: 1. Mary Jane Geisinger  born ? in November 1958 where ????, divorced 1970

2. Renee surname? birth ? when married? where married?

Offspring: 1. Susan Elizabeth Diss (Talbot) 1959- ; Heather Ellen Diss 1960-; Laurel Ann Diss (Zettl) 1962; Caitlin Jane Diss (Zettl) b.1964

Died: 2 January 1996  at his home in, Lilburn, GA. Interred…


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  1. Susan Elizabeth Talbot says:

    Daddy died January 2, 1996 in his home, Lilburn, GA. AE knows where he is now. (Can’t remember the name of it…just know where it is).

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