Henry William Fisher 1890-1957

married Winifred A Conibear (a relation) and Ellen Johnstone

George Patrick Fisher’s memories:
Henry William (Harry) A youngish bombardier – in a near mutiny when men were lined up. The Sergeant major had little respect. Harry was asked to march off the men and did so with perfect results.
Further notes:- Harry joined the army (R.A.) in 1904. He was commissioned in the field in 1914.
Married his second cousin Winifred Conibear in 1915 much to the disgust of his father who said ‘Go – and do not darken my doors again.’
He was a first class signalling instructor, 1st Class small arms instructor, 1st class gymnastic instructor, 1st class riding instructor. He got the MBE and MC in 1944 – a teetotaller, non-smoker and keen on gardening. Harry was awarded the MC in the 1914-18 War. He was commissioned at some stage during that war and became a captain and adjutant of his regiment. After the war he reverted to the rank of lieutenant. Like many ex-rankers he found it difficult to manage on his pay. He retired (prob early 1920s) and took a job (chief clerk?) in a TA HQ in Newcastle. In about 1938, when the TA began to expand, he rejoined the army as a Li Quartermaster with a TA Artillery Regiment in Newcastle. He went with this Regiment to France and it was as a result of his service there, that after Dunkirk he was awarded the MBE. In late 1942 he was a major on the staff of a HQ near Wakefield. After the war, retired and re-married.

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