Thomas Fisher 1826-96


Parents: William Fisher 1796-1862 and Mary Richards

Siblings: John Fisher,  William Fisher and Joshua Fisher

Married: Bertha Snelgrove or Snellgrove Exeter

Offspring: Bertha Fisher, William Fisher, Fanny Fisher, Thomas Fisher 1857-1944, Lydia Fisher, Edward Kingsland Fisher, Jessie Fisher, Alfred Fisher

Lived in:

Army career:



DNA Links via offspring:
William Fisher: Angela Heins
Lydia Fisher: brenbritt
Edward Kingsland Fisher:  jkiekens and Virginia Carpmail and Chadrick Ashby and Sample_Cassie 

George Patrick Fisher’s memories:
Thomas married a maid employed by the family. He fled and joined the R.A. Band as their tailor.
He was involved in the Crimean war and 1st Egyptian Campaign.

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