Thomas Fisher 1857-1944


Parents: Thomas Fisher 1826-1896 and Bertha Snel(l)grove 1827-1899

Siblings:  Bertha Fisher, William Fisher (DNA link Angela Heins (managed by angelaheins) ), Fanny Fisher, Lydia Fisher, Edward Kingsland Fisher (DNA link jkiekens and Virginia Carpmail) , Jessie Fisher, Alfred Fisher

Married: 1. Henrietta Mann 1859-1936   2. Constance May Laing

Offspring:  Henrietta B Fisher 1883-1967, Thomas Victor Fisher 1887-?, Henry William Fisher 1890-1957 , May Jessie Fisher 1892-?, George Patrick Fisher 1895-1974, Eileen Martha Fisher 1901-1994

Lived in:

Free link to 1901 Irish census

Army record:


George Patrick Fisher’s memories:
Thomas Fisher Born in Woolwich (Francis Street), He joined the R.A. Band at age of 14 – took his father’s bed in the Barrack room which was a great honour. He met Henrietta Mann in Shoeburyness-on-Sea whilst on a long gunnery course. They married 26th Dec. 1881. He went to India for two years.
He had 6 children Bertha (1883), Thomas Victor (1885), Henry William (1890) Jessica May (1892), George Patrick (1895), Eileen Martha born 1901.
Thomas left the R.A. whilst serving as a Sgt. Major instructor in gunnery with the Ayr and Galloway Artillery Volunteers. He went to London and was a commissionaire for a short time. Being dissatisfied he became a barrack warden and was posted to Cork. Then he went to Kinsail for about 8 years. From there to Exeter. He found some cousins of his father’s family. Harry married one. During the 1918 war he resigned barrack warden and he became a civilian clerk with the Armd. Pay Corps. Henrietta died in June 1936. His new wife Constance May had moved from Exeter – Dawlish. During the 1939-45 war he became head storeman and ‘a blooming nuisance to everyone until he died in 1945.’

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