Charles Talbot 1826-1908  parents’ page Talbot-Plummer

born Gissing Norfolk baptised 20 October 1825 [ancestry CWS unchecked] died 6 March 1908 Portsmouth, Hampshire [ancestry CWS unchecked]  Buried Devizes Cemetery, Wiltshire

Married in The Wesleyan Chapel, Diss  on 21 October 1847. Charles Cabinet Maker living in Diss father George Talbot, confectioner.  Mary Ann Macro living at Dickleburgh father Abraham Macro, farmer. Witnesses Harriet Macro, Sarah Emma Chaplyn, Robert Colman and Robert Macro. [Image of marriage certificate on ancestry.]

Mary Ann Macro 1827-1856 parents’ page Macro-Colman

Birth: ancestry tree: 19 April 1826 (baptised 23 April 1826 at Winfarthing) [not confirmed by CWS]

Death: 6 February 1856 at Debenham, Suffolk, wife of Independent minister Charles Talbot. Charles Cullum present at death.  Abcess [..?..] Convulsion 10 days certified [ancestry image of death certificate]


  1. Walter Charles Talbot 1848-? who married Alice ? ?-? on … at …and had sons Walter Ansell 1881-, Charles Leslie 1882- and Stanley Alfred 1884-
  2. Alfred Talbot 1851-1896

DNA links to siblings of our direct ancestor:

  1. Martyn Carey is great great grandson of Rev. Walter b 1848. Martyn’s mother Iris M Talbot.

Charles Talbot’s second wife was Ellen Baldry of Wilby Hall, Suffolk NB there is also a Wilby Hall in Norfolk.  They had one daughter Ellen Talbot born 1862 who did not marry. So a legitimate DNA dead end.  http://www.art-science.com/Baldry/g73.html#B0071

photo: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2178715

Story of Charles Talbot to be added with photos.