Abraham Macro 1801-1872 parents Isaac Macro and Ann Hinds see page Macro-Hinds

Born at Tibenham, Norfolk on 9 September 1801, baptised 10 September 1801. Parish register gives mother’s maiden name as Hinds. Died 18 October 1872 at Diss buried Dickleburgh with Langmere on 24 October 1872 [Parish Register BT and probate]

married at Winfarthing on 20 September 1824 witnesses Robert Colman and Eliza Page [Parish Register BT]

Charlotte Colman …. Parents’ page Colman-Calver

1851 census: b.c 1807 Winfarthing, Norfolk

1861 census: b.c 1809 Winfarthing, Norfolk

1871 census: b.c 1809 Winfarthing, Norfolk


  1. Mary Ann 1826-1856 ancestry tree: 19 April 1826 (baptised 23 April 1826 at Winfarthing) – 6 February 1856 [image of death certificate]
  2. Robert 1828-? born Winfarthing 14 June 1828 privately baptised 10 August 1828 [Parish register BT]
  3. Harriet 1829- born Winfarthing born 24 December 1829  baptised 16 May 1830 [Parish register BT] 1851: dressmaker
  4. Susanna born Winfarthing baptised 8 December 1846 [transcript only]
  5. Charlotte born Winfarthing baptised 8 December 1846 [transcript only]
  6. Maria born Dickleburgh baptised 8 December 1846 [transcript only]
  7. Emma born Dicklebugh
  8. Louisa born Dicklebugh
  9. Anna born Dickleburgh
    1. married William Cracknell 24 August 1876 at Dickleburgh witnesses Simon Aldous and Louisa Macro.  William’s father Wiliiam Cracknell, farm steward

1851 census: Robert,21; Harriet,20; Susanna,17; Charlotte,15; Maria,12; Emma,4; Louisa,1.

1861 census: Emma,14; Louisa,12; Anna,9.

Other from ancestry: Mary Macro do Abraham and Mary 1 Sept 1724 Southminster, Essex  and their son John 17 Mar 1727, Thomas 3 Oct 1725, [transcript only]

Maria Macro do Abraham and Susan baptised 3 dec 1675 Glemsford, Suffolk [transcript only]

Alfred Macro so Abraham and Margaret baptised 21 Decemebr 1823, Barking Essex

Coleman or Colman?

The marriage record of Abraham and Charlotte gives Charlotte’s surname as Coleman.  EdC, our DNA link see below, says that is the only time an ‘e’ is included.  Otherwise always Colman, as in the famous Norwich mustard makers. No link found with that family to date.

DNA links to siblings of our direct ancestor

Thanks to Carolyn’s DNA match EdC decendant of Charlotte’s sister Harriett who married Thomas Calton for he names of more of our ancestors.

Abraham and Charlotte’s story

Lots of entries for Abraham as an elector in ancestry

1832 Register of Electors: Winfarthing: Abraham qualified by Occupying Shore Green and Isaac Macro qualified by copyhold tenant Abraham Macro.

1868 Register of Electors: Abraham of Diss for property in Dickleburgh

1874 (after death!) Abraham copyhold farm on Shimpling Road, Diss

1841 census:

1851 census: Farmer 40 acres Shimpling Road Dickleburgh employing one labourer.

1861 census: Shopkeeper, Norwich Road, Diss

1871 census: Farmer of 32 acres employing 1 man living ina a Farmhouse on Heywood Road, Diss

Probate record: Abraham: Effects under £300. Shopkeeper died 18 October 1872 Diss. Will proved by son Robert Macro of Dickleburgh and Simon Aldous of Dickleburgh, cattle dealer.