Our parents John and Daphne Oram collected the family history and produced a booklet in 1970 called The ORAM Family Saga. This saga concentrated on  the life stories of  John Oram 1824-1907 and his descendants.  John was born and died in the Sparkford / Castle Cary area of Somerset but spent most of his working life in County Mayo, Ireland as a farmer and agent for  local and ‘absentee’ landlords.

For more about John Oram see our website The Oram Family in Burrishoole  and images of the diaries of John Oram and his son Arthur Oram in University College Dublin Digital Library.

In this website we begin with five generations who lived in Ansford, Somerset starting with Elizeus Oram and Elizabeth Heywarde who were married there in 1589. The first four generations are just names, the first person warranting a page in this website being Isaac 1705-1791 who was born in Ansford. After his second marriage Isaac moved north  a few miles to the village of Ditcheat. It is his son Isaac 1745-1802 who is mentioned in the top line of a transcript of entries in an old Oram family bible “James Oram son of Isaac Oram”:

Format of this website:

Our genealogical tree is one of the topics covered under the ‘Home’ tab and includes extracts from the Introduction  of The ORAM Family Saga.

The ‘Roots in Ansford’ tab covers the first five generations of our Oram ancestors mentioned in the Ansford parish registers.

The next three tabs starting ‘Isaac…’ covers our research into the descendants of Isaac Oram 1705-1745 up to the early 20th century with the exception of John Oram 1824-1907 who can be followed in our website The Oram Family in Burrishoole. 

The ‘Associated families’ tab has two parts

  • The family history of Jane Talbott, Susannah Bartlett and Elizabeth Clare spouses of our direct Oram ancestors.
  • Notes on families who have married siblings of our direct Oram ancestors including the Hockey, Cox and Guppy families.
  • Further families are sub pages of the appropriate family name in the two parts of “Associated families”.

We invite direct descendants of Isaac and their sibling-in-laws to contribute to this site, either within the main Oram area or as one of the ‘Associated Families’.

 © Copyright:  We hold the copyright to all the text and images of this website unless otherwise stated.   Please do not copy any text or images without consulting us first.

Carolyn and Chris

2 Responses to Home

  1. Cheryl Murray says:

    I am related to Susannah Bartlett’s sister Edith
    Birth 13 February 1780 in Babcary, Somerset, England
    Death 10 November 1862 in Holt, Bradford, Wiltshire, England

    who married William Whitting 24 Dec 1804

    Birth 20 December 1780 in Chapel Allerton, Somerset, England
    Death 13 May 1843 in Axbridge, Somerset, United Kingdom

    Their son William Whitting
    Birth Before 26 December 1805 in Chapel Allerton, Somerset, England
    Death 29 November 1865 in Infirmary, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    came to Australia with his wife Elizabeth Baker

    Birth 25 December 1806 in Bridport, Dorset, England
    Death 8 June 1882 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    So probably not direct but associated.

    Cheryl Murray

  2. Cheryl Murray says:

    Sorry I got that wrong after looking at your associated families. Ediths Cousin.

    I can give you detailed family details for the Australian branch as I have research backed up with secondary sources and copies of BDM records, headstones, war records, some photos etc and all on ancestry.com for Bartlett/Whitting family.

    Cheryl Murray

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