James Talbott 1821 – 1907

Born: 26 Apr 1821 in Sparkford, Somerset, England

Parents: Samuel Talbott 1797-1870 and Charity Way 1792-1866

Siblings: Mary Ann Talbott 1823-1895, Sarah Talbott 1825-1837, Thomas Talbott 1828-1829,  Jane Talbott 1829-1906, Elizabeth Talbott 1832-1920?, Susanna Talbott 1836-1866

Married: 1: Jane Hodder Field c1821-c1859 in late 1847 probably in Jane’s home village of Corton Denham, Somerset, England

2: Eliza Mark c1818-1892?  on 4 Jun 1860 in Pimlico, London, England

Offspring: 1: Albertina Ann “Bertie” Talbott 1851-1930, Emily Abigail Talbott 1854-after 1891, Rosa Field Talbott 1857-after 1871

Died: 21 Aug 1907 in Sparkford, Somerset, England


Much loved brother of Jane and son of  Samuel Talbott of Sparkford. Samuel was a wheelwright who made wheels for wagons for the Exeter—London run. James was an outstanding carpenter who could build a farm wagon from scratch. He also made chairs from Sparkford oak from the Bennett estate, which are still treasured by some members of the Oram family today. He lived in a cottage opposite the church which is now knocked down, and had his workshop behind.

The very lovely processional cross in the church bears the inscription “To the Glory of God and the memory of James Talbott for 35 years parish clerk of Sparkford. This cross was presented by past and present parishioners.”

His daughter, Albertina Ann (or “Bertie” for short) looked after her father for many years. When he died she went to work at the Rectory. She lived there until she died in 1930 aged 76. She is remembered for her lovely rich chuckle.

The Talbott’s originally came from Over Stowey near Bridgwater. Jane and James grandfather who farmed there had the misfortune to lose all his cows and, blaming it on witchcraft, came further east in the county. He had three sons. James & Jane’s father, Samuel Talbott, was a carpenter.

Sparkford Church Pulpit made by James Talbott

In 2012 we are inclined to question the ‘Over Stowey’ oral tradition as there are so many places with a similar sounding name.  In the 1851 census James’ grandfather, Philip Talbott, a retired carpenter living in Sparkford gave his place of birth as Stawell, Somerset.  Stawell is in an area prone to flooding just to the east of Bridgewater and about 15 miles to the west of Sparkford.  The oral tradition could refer to James and Jane’s maternal grandparents, the Way family.  Charity Way had been born in Wincanton, Somerset.




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